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Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Edge Armoring Sound Dampening Shipping Protection Stack Padding

Cymgards Provide:

Dependable Heavy Edge Armoring:

Whether your cymbals are mounted at home or on stage, stored in bags or on racks, or stacked against a wall, they need Cymgard protection. Why? Due to their weight, shape and composition, cymbals are fragile. They can easily split, crack or chip if dropped or struck. Unfortunately, cymbal damage is irreversible…and so is their replacement cost. Enter Cymgard.

Sound Dampening:

We all love the open and bright sound of our cymbals but when it comes to practicing during quieter times, slip on a Cymgard for effective sound dampening. You'll still experience the natural feel of striking your cymbal with your stick but the sound will be deadened. Throw away the tape.

Shipping and Transport Protection:

Cymgards provide an inexpensive and effective solution for cushioning cymbals when mailed, shipped, and transported. Would you like additional protection when carrying your cymbals in cymbal bags or in vaults? Armor your Cymbals in Cymgards and then transport them with confidence.

Stack Padding:

Cymbals fitted with Cymgards can be safely stacked horizontally and vertically. Cymgards prevent cymbal edge contact with racks and other surfaces, as well as with other cymbals. These safeguards ensure that your cymbals will remain preserved and protected whether stored in bags, vaults, or when placed against any surface.

What Are Cymgards?

Cymgards are elastic rubber edge protectors. They fit onto and around a cymbal's perimeter. Cymgard Lites (yellow label) fit single cymbals. They are light weight, work well on stand-mounted cymbals and are great for cymbal sound dampening. Protect your cymbals whether carried in cymbal bags or stored in vaults. With Cymgards, you win.

By style, Cymgards are available to fit the following cymbal diameters:

Installation: At the label, slip your cymbal edge into the flexible Cymgard slot, apply pressure with your index finger, and pull the cymgard straight out and snap it down onto the cymbal's edge. Repeat and work the Cymgard around and onto your cymbal. Like a new baseball mitt or shoes, Cymgards break in and mold to the shape of your cymbals. Molding is important because cymbals of the same diameter class often vary in profile, taper, thickness, weight, and yes - in diameter. Depending on the manufacturer, diameters can vary as much as one-quarter of an inch either side of the advertised base-zero diameter. Over time, Cymgards fit like a glove.

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